Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feeling a Little Blue Today Virginia?

Let us be realistic, the tide is not in our favor, we have a Democratic Governor, both our Senators are Democratic, and we lost three of our House of Representatives (Tom Davis, Virgil H. Goode, Thelma Drake) seats. This is going to be hard to overcome unless something turns around real soon. I am very concerned about the federal decisions being made and you know they will not be in concert with "We The People" of Virginia! In the future we need to hold these politicians accountable to our core values and beliefs.

Seriously Virginia, where are you headed? What will your Virginia look like when you retire or your sons and daughters graduate from high school or college?

What are your plans for the next two years? Let another two or three House of Representatives seats fall by the wayside?

Let not your determination, resolution, or persistence in God and Jesus not falter as we go forward into this abyss.


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