Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dumb?

Sorry I know alot of Va stuff is going on but I am trying to get this Twitter thing down so that when I blog it goes out to my Twitter channel. Is that too much to ask?

I looked at Twitter Wall but it seems to be a micro blogging tool (when a post is too short for your blog but longer than 140 characters) and will revisit that later. See link below.

Well, that led me to twitterfeed which can use RSS feeds to feed your twitter if I read this right.

The first obstacle was applying for on OpenID. Which the twitterfeed introduction lead me through this quite nicely. still not sure why I need this but I guess it just does ;-)

Now that I have a OpenID I had to supply a RSS Feed URL to setup my blogging site to feed my twitter channel. For the RSS Feed URL, I tried to simply entering my blog site URL only to find it was not acceptable for twitterfeed. After looking at Blogger Help page I noticed the following to setup RSS site feeds:

Ahhh...simply insert my blogsite name from above and see if this works.

OK...twitterfeed is happy with that entry so lets see if we can get something posted here and be delivered somewhere in my tweeter world.

Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dumb?

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