Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don’t Let Gang Graffiti Fester

If you follow Bob McDonnell you might be familar with his work and its relationship with combating gang violence. NIP IT IN THE BUD!

Don’t Let Gang Graffiti Fester

More MS-13 Graffiti

Bob McDonnell on the Laura Ingraham Show

Bob McDonnell on the Laura Ingraham Show
November 21, 2008

Too Conservative

Ingraham had this to say about the AG:“I am so gratified that we still have people like you out there.”Listen to the full interview below…

Great interview with "The General"!

Rep. Wolf seeks Obama’s support for SAFE

Rep. Frank Wolf on Thursday asked the nation's next president to support an economic panel he and a Tennessee congressman have proposed.

Wolf, a Republican, wrote a letter to President-elect Barack Obama seeking his endorsement of legislation he and Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper have drafted. It would create the SAFE ("Securing America's Future Economy") Commission, a bipartisan group that would examine government spending and tax policy and make recommendations that Congress would be required to act upon.

It would operate similar to the Base Realignment and Closing Commission, according to a statement from Wolf, who represents Virginia's 10th District, which includes Manassas, Manassas Park and part of Prince William County. It has the support of more than 110 members of Congress, according to Wolf's office, and compan-ion legislation has been introduced in the Senate.

Wolf wrote to Obama that the recent financial bailout legislation was necessary but that it addressed only a "symptom of a far greater financial crisis on the horizon."

"How will we remain competitive, how will we rebuild our manufacturing base, how will our children com-pete in the global marketplace with the tsunami of mandatory spending obligations coming closer to our shores and the national debt racing past $10 trillion?" he asked in the letter.

Those questions form part of the impetus for the commission, which Wolf wrote would be different from other advisory panels because the legislation creating it requires Congress to vote up or down on its plan.

"Your active support of the SAFE Commission effort in Congress would signal the critical immediacy of attacking this problem head on in the only way I believe it will be solved—by working together in a bipartisan way," Wolf wrote to Obama.

by Jonathan Hunley, news & messengerPublished: November 21, 2008

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PERSPECTIVE: SAFE Commission recommendation could help prevent economic woes

News and Messenger (Prince William CountyPublished: November 23, 2008

Rep. Frank Wolf is asking President-elect Barack Obama to support his proposed SAFE commission, and we hope Obama does so.

The SAFE (“Securing America’s Future Economy”) Commission, would be a bipartisan group that would examine government spending and tax policy and make recommendations that Congress would be required to act upon.

Now is definitely the time for this kind of legislation. With the government’s attitude seeming to lean toward the, “bailouts all around,” mentality, a hard look at what we are doing, why and whether we can do things better is needed.
Obama certainly has his plans to spend government money, but he also rode into office on a wave of change, and right now, in our government, a change in behavior would be less spending, not more.

The SAFE Commission would offer a comprehensive way to address the behaviors, which have helped the United States ease into its current financial calamities.

For instance, it would look at Medicare and Social Security.

Currently, those two programs make up 40 percent of federal spending, according to Wolf’s Web site. Those are two programs taking up almost half of our monetary resources.

During the next 35 years, the Web site states, federal spending on these two programs could increase to 80 percent.

We are not suggesting it is time for these programs to die, but with that much of our federal funds tied up in them, they have to be examined, and, if possible, reformed.

What in the world will the United States government be able to do when it has to run everything else in the country — minus Medicare and Social Security — with 20 percent of its budget?

Our federal budget is huge, and we have programs and spending priorities, which are not questioned or scrutinized.

The job of reforming our budget is a big one and is certainly not something that can be done quickly or sloppily, but that is why the SAFE Commission is so essential.

Obama can signal that he is serious about bringing change to Washington by telling Wolf that he is on board and behind the commission.

If he does that, we can all feel a little more hopeful.
— News and Messenger (Prince William County)