Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why My 401k Sucks?

Glen Beck - Inconvenient Debt

How is printing all this money going to help my 401k?

What? This doesn't look good for my 401k...Arggghh!


"Once double-digit inflation appears, it will stay for a stubbornly long time. It will only be chased away by a Volker-like recession, induced by government raising interest rates to 15-18 percent. This second dipping of depression will dishearten the nation."

Sounds like the Jimmy Carter years all over again....Nothing to see here...Keep Moving!

Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Down on Obama's Stimulus It's the #Stimulus Stupid!

"After today's 226 point-decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, investors need to head for the hills, and into stocks with consistent earnings."

"Cramer said after having high hopes for Obama's stimulus plan, what Washington delivered yesterday was revolting, nothing more than a little manufacturing stimulus and a whole lot of pork. Cramer said he felt betrayed by how little the plan actually does to evoke serious economic growth."

What? how can this be? $900 billion should move the needle? Shouldn't it?

My 401k Sucks because our government is printing and spending money in a drunken hysterical manner! No hope for my 401k in the foreseeable future...Argghhh!


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