Saturday, February 21, 2009

#TCOT Nationwide Chicago #TeaParty Friday February 27 at noon EST

Be patient as details and events are just now coming together but it appears that Chicago and Washington D.C. areas are currently the prime sites for Friday February 27 at noon EST with other sites being planned Nationwide! 

I think we will know more Sunday evening or Monday morning till then  Check Here for a site near you! 

No Taxation Without Deliberative Representation!

We are a Republic not Oligarchy! 

Since the first TARP bill, Auto bailouts,  to the unread Stimulus bill and now the Mortgage Bailout our members in Congress continue to make decisions and pass legislation without public deliberation of the use of our taxes! We believe this is wrong!

What YOU can to do?

More to come soon! 
The Beatles - Revolution?
 No, but we sure are PO'd for be taking for granted!

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