Thursday, February 5, 2009

#TCOT - Support for #Stimulus Dwindling!

Tuesday, the Rasmussen Reports released its latest poll on the
Stimulus Bill and the results prove that the more Americans hear about
the bill, the less they like it. What has not been widely reported is
that the poll also shows that Jim DeMint's alternative is gaining in
approval, even though it has not been heavily publicized!

1) The latest survey shows that only 37% of Americans favor the
current bill. Two weeks ago, the support was at 45% and last week it
was at 42%. That's an eight point drop in just two weeks. We are
having an effect! The most interesting numbers are among the
"independent" voters, who oppose the bill by a full 50% and favor it
by only 27%. Furthermore, overall opposition to the bill has gone from
34% two weeks ago to 43% today - an increase of nine percent. For the
first time, more Americans oppose the Democrats' pork-laden
vote-buying bill than favor it.

2) The Rasmussen poll also showed that more Americans favor a tax
cut-only bill than favor what the Democrats have proposed. Such a bill
enjoys a 45% approval to a disapproval of only 34%. Among
"independents", those numbers are 46% approval and 35% disapproval.
Only Democrats still overwhelmingly approve of the Democrats' attempt
to load us and our children up with a trillion dollars' worth of debt.

Support tax cuts is massive. Fifty-seven percent believe that tax cuts
help the economy while only 17% believe they hurt. About the same
number of people (56%) believe that they pay more than their fair
share of taxes.

Keep up the pressure, TCOTers! Now is the time to start introducing
people to Senator Jim DeMint's "American Option" alternative plan.


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