Friday, March 13, 2009

Tax Day #TeaParty Voter Registrations

 Tax Day Tea Party - TweetChat #sgpchat

One note I took away from this weeks Tax Day Tea Party TweetChat hosted by our friends from Smart Girl Politics was that Tax Day Tea Party Local and State Coordinators should look into supporting voter registration drives in coordination with their rallies.  Well, if you want to win in upcoming elections what better way than get more voters?

Here are some ideas tossed out about organizations that could help support this effort:
- Local Republican Women's Clubs 
- Local League of Women Voters
- Local GOP or RNC organizations

Check with your local voter registration office for guidelines and possible support.

Consider supplying feedback from the local rally to the State Coordinators for  collecting total number of registrations statewide that were accomplished! State Coordinators total could be further added to provide the total number of voter registrations for the complete Tax Day Tea Party rally! Good Luck!


  1. Good luck! Intellectual Redneck is rooting.

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