Saturday, June 27, 2009

The CAP and TAX debate moves to the Senate

The House passed 219 - 212 H.R. 2454 (commonly known as CAP and TAX bill) . The bill now goes on to be voted on in the Senate. Keep in mind that debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill.

Washington, Jun 27 - The American people deserve to know what’s in the legislation their representatives in Congress are voting on. That was the fundamental principle behind House Republican Leader John Boehner’s (R-OH) hour-long speech on the floor of the House last night, in which he read portions of a 300-plus page amendment Democrats added in the dark of night to Speaker Pelosi’s already 1,200-page national energy tax legislation. The legislation is going to raise electricity prices, increase gasoline prices, and ship American jobs overseas to countries like China and India. It also will be a bureaucratic nightmare overseen by a confusing web of government agencies that will take and redistribute trillions of dollars from family budgets and workers’ payrolls.
My Favorite portion of John Boehners speech.

Virginia House of Representatives votes:
Rep. Frank Wolf [R, VA-10] Nay
Rep. Rob Wittman [R, VA-1] Nay
Rep. James Forbes [R, VA-4] Nay
Rep. Robert Goodlatte [R, VA-6] Nay
Rep. Eric Cantor [R, VA-7] Nay
Rep. Glenn Nye [D, VA-2] Nay

The five Virginians that did NOT read the bill again!
Rep. Robert Scott [D, VA-3] Aye (202) 225-8351
Rep. Thomas Perriello [D, VA-5] Aye (202) 225-4711
Rep. James Moran [D, VA-8] Aye (202) 225-4376
Rep. Frederick Boucher [D, VA-9] Aye 202-225-3861
Rep. Gerald Connolly [D, VA-11] Aye (202) 225-1492

The eight Republican who voted AYE after NOT reading the bill.
Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

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