Monday, June 15, 2009

When you face trials, run toward the roar!

This picture from Iranian elections uprising reminded me of the saying "Run Toward The Roar". One lone Iranian women standing in the face of unknown danger while others scurry from the scene.

"We all know that the Lion is king of the jungle. Every creature that graces the jungle floor must surrender to the power of the lion. Every bird that thinks of flying through the jungle must get runway clearance from the lion. Yet, as the Lion rules the jungle he has his detractors. Imagine that, animals like humans, have their detractors. Each and every day the lion wakes up he must defend his right to rule. As he grows older more and more attack animals the throne of the lion. Even his closest relatives, the young and vivacious lion cubs begin an attempt to overthrow the Lion. The entire jungle is against the lion, yet he is able to hold onto his reign of the jungle. How? He continues to roar. As he gets older and older, as his mange begins to tatter and become worn, the lion roars and his attackers retreat. As he continues to rule through his old age, the very teeth that once killed the gazelle are now gone. With his mange gone, his ability to run and stalk behind him and his teeth on the floor of the very jungle he rules, the lion has only one form of protection left, his roar. As the younger lions prepare to attack, he roars and they retreat. As the gazelle near, he roars and they retreat. You see, what the lion cubs, gazelle and other animals don’t realize is that the Lion has lost everything he once used to rule the jungle. His great mange gone, his swift speed gone, his teeth gone, all that’s left is the roar."
Thoughts and prayers for the people of Iran, Peace be with you.

You can follow the Iranian election uprising via Twitter here:


  1. another story about the lion's roar, and why you should run towards it... in order to fool its prey, the lion lays in the tall grass and roars, scaring the animals being stalked into running away from it. Why would he do this, tipping his hand? Because his lionesses are waiting, silently, in the grass, for the fleeing prey to run right to them. They work together, each using their own gifts and talents, and are much more successful that way!

  2. Thanks Annie. I have heard that story also, its a great story.

  3. One lone Iranian women standing in the face of unknown danger while others scurry from the scene.

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