Monday, September 28, 2009

Bob McDonnell Interview with FOX News Sunday

(9.27.09) -- Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate in the upcoming Virgina governor election (Nov 2009), talks with FOX News Sunday.

Pretty exhaustive interview considering Creigh "I don't do debates" Deeds did not participate. Overall, I did like the discussions concerning jobs, economy and leadership issues. I wish more discussion had been spent on government streamlining, corruption, and transparency. I think Bob McDonnell did just great.

The thesis? Bob McDonnell seems like a principled man of faith, pro-life and strong family values. Great attributes in my book. Principles do not make a secret agenda. Trying to make it anything else is just political fodder for the liberal media smear agenda. Lets get Creigh "I don't do debates" Deeds and Bob McDonnell to sit down and talk real issues.

Oh yeah, did he mention he was a VETERAN!

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