Saturday, September 5, 2009

Conservatives Gone Wild

Ever notice how my tweets suddenly go ballistic once in a while recently? Well, I am sorry for any inconvenience it may cause those of you following my twitter stream but here is the reasoning behind this behavior. In the short ten months I have been on Twitter its very rare for a conservative topic to be trending on Twitter. Sure, there was the Tax Day Tea Party or the Smart Girl Politics Twitter Ball and recently, Glenn Beck has pushed it to an almost everyday occurrence.

Van Jones the Green Jobs Czar or the Iran election are typical reasons to "push" a trending topic on Twitter. Why?

Number one, these are issues the mainstream media refuses to cover and it lets others know that they are not alone in this concern and/or interest in such topics.

Number two, mainstream people will "poke and peak" at these trending topics and inquire, state opinions or just plain ignore the topic. Generally, you will find them sympathetic to a trending conservative cause. So hookup with them and begin a relationship of like minded topics or issues.

Number three and most importantly, this is how we make people aware and grow the "Silent Majority". These are people who may have yet to pick up on the issues surrounding the trending topic or don't know the details. Well, that is our chance to inform the public and make our conservative views known to these people. Forget heckling with the opposition we want recruits not converts.

Change has come and Conservatives Rule!

Some tips when you see a conservative trending topic:
1. Get on Google Reader (or your favorite news search engine) and research the topic, it requires a Google login but worth the fun. Tweet links for your results and thoughts.
2. Check out the MSM media outlets (CNN, NYT, NBC, FOX,Drudge,etc.) and see what they are reporting on the topic, tweet their views and tweet your thoughts.
3. Check your favorite Ning sites such as Team Sarah, Smart Girl Politics,etc. and see if there are posts related to the trending topic or issue. Create a blog post on your Ning site and tweet the post. This introduces people to these conservative social networking sites. Facebook? Post on Facebook and tweet your post.
4. Throw up your own blog post on the trending topic if you can, simple video or statement will suffice. Tweet It!
5. Pair up with fellow followers to tweet and retweet each other about the trending topic.
6. Most of all keep it clean and geared towards conservative principles and topics. We are trying to catch a pigeon not a rhino.

So the next time you see me go spastic, you might want to check the trending topics.

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