Saturday, September 19, 2009

Washington DC 9/12 March Post - Part 1

On September 11, 2009 we remembered those unfortunate souls that lost their freedom in an act of terrorism that will not be forgotten. Bless their souls.

On September 12, 2009 we celebrated our Liberty and Freedom in the only way we as Americans know how to do. We showed up at the banks of the Potomac to remind our fellow countrymen and politicians that "We The People" still have a voice and that we are "Silent No More!.

My expectations for 9/12 March were the same as for any of the numerous Washington DC Tea Party's I have attended before. I knew not what I was in for nor did I care as long as I stood with those that exercised their right to free speech and address their grievances with this congress.

After arriving at the Metro station I was surprised that the line for getting tickets reached out to the sidewalk soon after getting in line to purchase a ticket. I have never seen such a sight since the 9/11 terrorist attacks that swamped the Metro that fateful day.

Everyone at the metro station was obviously there for the 9/12 March with their patriotic dress, signs and flags. I got my daily pass and boarded the metro train which was about half full. After a few minutes the train was standing room only and we were off to Washington DC. A lady from Atlanta Georgia sat next to me. She had a foreign accent and signs she and her husband had made up for the rally. She was a sweet lady and hope she was filled with the same joy I experienced at the march and rally.

Once arriving at the Federal Triangle, my thoughts were how to get two blocks from the metro to the rally staging point for the march, Well, After stepping into the sidewalk at Pennsylvania Ave. I was soon immersed by a sea of people in the streets and sidewalk. It was obvious they had started without me ;-)

It was not long before it dawned on me the magnitude of what I had just witnessed. So I decided I had to step out of the sea of marchers and take this event in before continuing. I got my camera to shoot a short movie of the marchers and much to my amazement this is the video I ended up with.

I have been reluctant to blog about the Washington DC 9/12 March as if you were there you could sense that this was something that none of us were ready for. Conservatives Woodstock? All I can say about the 9/12 March is, I stood amongst the "Loud and Proud" Americans, and God Blessed America that day!

Now don't make us come back!

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