Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bob McDonnell Web Footprint?

Its getting close for people who have not been paying attention to the upcoming November 3, 2009 Virginia Governors race to start Googling the candidates. I thought it might be interesting to see who might have the larger web footprint on the the web search engines. The results below:

Yahoo: 2,670,000 results for "bob mcdonnell"

Yahoo: 2,160,000 results for "creigh deeds"

Google: about 421,000 for "bob mcdonnell"

Google: about 396,000 for "creigh deeds"

Bing: 2,490,000 results for "bob mcdonnell"

Bing: 397,000 results for "creigh deeds"

AOL: of about 57,100 for "bob mcdonnell"

AOL: of about 47,900 for "creigh deeds"

Bob McDonnell (Left) and LG Bill Bolling (Right)

Connect with Bob McDonnell:

Connect with Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

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