Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interview with Bob McDonnell

October 19, 2009
Good volley of questions concerning where the Bob McDonnell campaign is two weeks till the Governors election here in Virginia. Considering the new News7 Poll: Republicans hold comfortable leads in statewide contests with Bob McDonnell leading his opponent by 19 points.

Just a great campaign by Bob McDonnell, his staff and the Republican Party of Virginia.

NBC12 Decision Virginia- Ryan Nobles interviews Republican candidate for Governor Bob McDonnell on NBC12 First at 4. Read more at http://decisionvirginia.com

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Homepage: http://www.bobmcdonnell.com/

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  1. Great interview with Bob, here are 5 ways to take ATION for Bob http://www.bobmcdonnell.com/index.php/action_thanks/
    Love, FreedomsMob