Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ken Cuccinelli debates Shannon in Prince William, Va.

Event: Ken Cuccinelli debates Shannon in Prince William, Va.

Wednesday October 7, 2009
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Verizon Auditorium,
Mason’s Prince William Campus,
10900 University Blvd., Manassas, VA

The event is open to the public.
Doors open at 7am, Debate starts at 7:30pm.
The event is being organized by the Prince William Committee of 100.

I am very interested in attending this debate especially in light of the recent news concerning the present situation with our current administrations continued lack of concern for ensuring our military members overseas ballots are delivered in a timely manner.

...the state of Virginia --- whose governor also happens to be the chairman of the Democrat National Committee --- went to court to disenfranchise military voters in that state's upcoming elections.

See Ken Cuccinelli press release:
Senator Ken Cuccinelli Unveils Proposals to Better Prepare the AG's Office to Advocate on Behalf of Our Veterans

5. Amend Virginia's election laws to guarantee the timely delivery of BOTH absentee ballot requests and the ballots themselves to military members overseas.

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