Friday, October 30, 2009

The News & Advance Endorses Ken Cuccinelli

The News & Advance lends its endorsement to Sen. Ken Cuccinelli for election as Virginia's next Attorney General. Here:

* Cuccinelli, currently a state senator from Northern Virginia, has a much better grasp of the job of attorney general than does his Democratic opponent.
It’s more than “the state’s top prosecutor”; indeed, the job is hardly that of a chief prosecutor at all. The position is more like chief legal counsel for the entire commonwealth.
As a member of the Senate Courts of Justice committee, Cuccinelli has a better grasp of the wide range of duties the job entails than does his opponent.
And while there are several issues on which we disagree with him — his push to repeal the prohibition of a concealed-carry permit holder to bring a gun into a restaurant or bar comes to mind — his abilitites far outweigh his negatives.
The News & Advance lends its endorsement to Sen. Cuccinelli for election as attorney general.

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Note: Here is information on NRA endorsement for the Ken Cuccinelli AG campaign.

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