Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Symbol of the Ken Cuccinelli Campaign

Make no mistake the Gadsden Flag has become a powerful symbol for the Ken Cuccinelli campaign to be the next Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia:

From Ken Cuccinelli homepage:
"In the last several years, and most significantly since the election of the current administration and Congress, the trend towards increased Federal Government control over every aspect of the lives of Virginia’s citizens has been alarming. The time is now to turn the tide away from destructive big government policies, toward a less intrusive, less oppressive form of government; a return to the first principles intended by the founding fathers. I will apply these founding principles to every aspect of my work as your next Attorney General. For this reason, I have chosen the Gadsden Flag as a symbol for my campaign."
I and apparently others have observed after hearing Ken Cuccinelli speak:
"Specifically, I was impressed by his willingness to invoke the Constitution early and often as his personal political compass."
After attending and hearing Ken Cuccinelli speak at the GMU Manassas, Va. debate I really developed a respect for why Ken Cuccinelli uses the Gadsden Flag as his campaign symbol.

More conservatives should use the Constitution as their political compass.

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