Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sad, Just Sad.

Here are the Final Vote Results for Roll Call on on the House version Affordable Health Care for America Act

The AYES for Government Takeover Of Healthcare:

Gerald E. Connolly - Dem.
James P. Moran - Dem.
Thomas S. P. Perriello - Dem.
Robert C. ``Bobby'' Scott - Dem.

The NOES for Government Takeover Of Healthcare:

Rick Boucher - Dem.
Eric Cantor - Rep.
J. Randy Forbes - Rep.
Bob Goodlatte - Rep.
Glenn C. Nye - Dem.
Robert J. Wittman - Rep.
Frank R. Wolf - Rep.

Oh and those silly Stupak amendment results? Tom Perriello (Dem.) might have some explaining to do to those in the pro-choice world.

It was never about healthcare, Sad, Just Sad.

I repeat the 2010 thoughts over at Virginia Right!
Retaliation at the polls will be swift and massive.
Virginia and New Jersey are just the beginning.

I personally recommend connecting with Keith Fimian as a start in Virginia's 11th:

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