Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tea Party Delivers DC Area Message

The Danville, Virginia TEA Party Patriots send President Obama a message via Airmail
The group’s project coordinator, Susan Lee, raised funds during the last two months to fly a plane over Washington, D.C. morning traffic today with a nearly 100-foot-long banner reading “OBAMA STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY” in five-foot-tall letters.

h/t BVBL
If you were on Interstates 66, 95 or 495 during this morning’s rush hour and happened to look up, you might have seen this. Thanks to the Danville TEA Party for putting together the funding for this!

There is just something about Virginians that makes their Tea Partys so unique. Maybe its that they feel just a step closer to our Founding Fathers and their principles.

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