Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who is Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown?

He is a third term Republican Massachusetts state senator. Scott Brown is campaigning for the late Edward Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat. The special election is January 19th, 2010. Wednesday Dec. 30th is the last day for Massachusetts residents to register to vote in the Jan. 19 special election. Scott Brown is a veteran!

What makes this election interesting is that Scott Brown could possibly be a obstacle to the Democrats power grab and takeover of the U.S. Health Care system.

Some Scott Brown highlights from his homepage:
State Senator Scott Brown has led the fight in Massachusetts against wasteful government spending and higher taxes. He is a free-market advocate who believes our strength as a nation flows from its people. He believes in a culture of family, patriotism and freedom. At his September 12 announcement of candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Senator Brown articulated a core set of beliefs that guide his thinking.

- Government is too big and that the federal stimulus bill made government bigger instead of creating jobs
- Taxes are too high and are going higher if Congress continues with its out-of-control spending
- The historic amount of debt we are passing on to our children and grandchildren is immoral
- Power concentrated in the hands of one political party, as it is here in Massachusetts, leads to bad government and poor decisions
- A strong military and vigorous homeland defense will protect our interests and security around the world and at home
- All Americans deserve health care, but we shouldn't have to create a new government insurance program to provide it

Happy New Year from Scott Brown - These daughters are great!

Considering the Virginia GOP landslide and New Jersey Governors wins this past November elections, If Massachusetts Republicans can't win now? Then when? Why not State Senator Scott Brown?

Is the GOP letting Scott Brown fend for himself? Here:

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