Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The #TeaParty Coalition Conference Call Debuts on PJTV.com

Monday April 6, 2009 - PJTV hosted the debut of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition’s weekly Monday conference calls  with LIVE streaming video of the CC.

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is a group of organizations trying to facilitate and promote the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party events. It consists of American Solutions, Don't Go Movement, Smart Girl Politics (SGP), and Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT)

Thier main site is here:


If you missed Monday's conference call LIVE show you can view its debut here:


On tonight's show, the movement outlined two specific immediate calls to action for fiscal conservatives across the country who are aligning themselves with this movement:

1.   The Tea Party Coalition Rating for Congressional Candidates: 

The Tea Party movement unveiled it's intent to provide ratings of both the Democrat and Republican candidates who will oppose incumbent Democrat and Republican Congressmen who vote in favor of the excessive spending in the Administration's proposed budget.  It is expected that the Congressional Conference Committee will submit a final budget to both Houses of Congress for a final up or down vote on April 20.   Utilizing the latest technology, within seconds of that final vote, the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition will post a rating for 2 candidates in every Congressional District of Congressman who vote in favor of that wasteful budget: 1 candidate who will oppose the incumbent in his party’s primary, and 1 candidate who will oppose the incumbent in the general election from the opposing major party.   They will use their newly minted nationwide action network to suggest that all members of the Tea Party movement go online and contribute to EACH of these candidates in every district, and volunteer to support them. 

2.   Proposition 1A - California:  

The Tea Party Coalition will unveiled plans to issue a call to action for fiscally conservative activists across the nation to assist residents in California in defeating the wasteful spending of that state’s Proposition 1A, on the ballot next month.  According to #TCOT's Michael Leahy, "Proposition 1A is an excellent example of the problem with government at all levels across the country.  Simply put, it's is a $16 Billion tax increase that dishonest politicians in California are trying to pass off as a 'budget cap.'  We need to fight these battles across the nation at every level, and California, the tax and spend epicenter of the nation is a great place to start."

Stay tuned for more great news about the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition!