Saturday, August 22, 2009

Huck PAC Makes +10,000 Calls For Bob McDonnell in Virginia!

Huck PAC Team makes over 10,000 calls for Bob McDonnell in Virginia.

See Huck PAC homepage running total: HERE
Good Job to the members of Team Huck and Gov. Mike Huckabee!
Special Shout Out to HuckPACIowa for the update!
Enjoy the music Team Huck friends!

NoObamaCare Recess Rally, Annandale, Va.

NoObamaCare Recess Rally, Annandale, Va. Gerry Connoly (VA-11th)

What Oath Did Our Elected Officials Take?

Hat Tip to our veteran brothers from the Marine Corps!
Like so many of us, he took an oath, we expect nothing less from our elected officials.
Semper Fi! Boo-Yaah!

The ending is priceless! What are Great tribute to his family!

Welcome to Virginia, 4th Largest Porkulus State Recipient

Congratulations Virginia you really "Porked'em". Step up to the trough and stick your piggy noses in it and enjoy! Thanks to our elected leaders you really know how to bring home the bacon.

Where does the bailout money really go?

The Atlantic reports that the bailout is massively concentrated in just a few states.

Total bailout funding, according to the ProPublica data, is $476.5 billion to date. One state, New York, has captured $175 billion of that, more than a third. Michigan is next with $80.7 billion or 17 percent of the total, followed by North Carolina with $56.3 billion, Virginia with $54.9 billion, and California with $34.4 billion.

The top three states accounted for 66 percent of bailout spending; the top five 84 percent; and the top two more than 10 percent.

Enjoy! After all its all Free Money! Isn't it?

Whatever happened to Transperency?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bob McDonnell Visits Prince William County Fair 17 Aug. 2009

Some Photos of Bob McDonnell's visit to the Prince William County Fair 17 Aug. 2009

Was great for Bob to address a large grandstand of attendees also.