Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stephan L. Mace, Army's 61st Calvary. Reg, Loudoun County, Va.

Stephan L. Mace was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado.

Loudoun Family Mourns For 'the Life of the Party'

Stephan, a member of the Army's 61st Cavalry Regiment who grew up in Purcellville, Va. was among eight soldiers killed Saturday Oct. 3, 2009 in Afghanistan during one of the deadliest attacks on U.S. forces by the Taliban.

With Arms Wide Open We Honor Our Fallen and Their Sacrifice.

Vanessa Adelson, his mother:
It was an incredible life," she said. "The 21 years that that boy was on this Earth, he did more and saw more than most of us will do in a lifetime."

Our prayers and thoughts are with Stephan's family and friends.

Funeral Arrangements Set For Fallen Loudoun Soldier

Stephan Mace's funeral is scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday Oct. 12 at Purcellville Baptist Church, with burial Oct. 19 at Arlington National Cemetery.

10 October 2009
Leave a Condolence: Stephan L. Mace, Army, Loudoun County, Va. HALL FUNERAL HOME

Bob McDonnell's Daughter Campaigns in Arlington, Va.

WJLA ABC 7 News catches up with Jeanine McDonnell at a recent Veterans for McDonnell hosted reception at the Army Navy Club in Arlington, VA.

Bob McDonnell was joined by his daughter during a rally in Arlington.

"My dad is my hero," Jeanine McDonnell said. "And I would do absolutely anything to help him. And I completely believe in everything he stands for."

Jeanine McDonnell is a former U.S. Army lieutenant. She commanded a platoon in Iraq and is a current working woman.

WJLA ABC 7 News Full story is here:

Thanks for your service Jeanine!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Veterans for Bob McDonnell Host Reception at Army Navy Club, Arlington, Va.

I really like that part about how Bob feels about treating todays veterans so the next generation may be inclined to follow in their footsteps and serve this great country. It is so true.

Veterans for McDonnell Hosted a Reception at the Army Navy Club in Arlington, VA. with several hundred vets including ex-pows & wounded warriors.

Read more about CMDR Paul Edward Galanti - Former POW USN (ret)

Bob McDonnell Interviewed on “The Kudlow Report”

Bob was a guest on Larry Kudlow’s show “The Kudlow Report” earlier today. This is a must-see interview and you can watch it here:

Another Leader of the Free World Emerges - Sen. Jim DeMint

After Benjamin Netanyahu United Nations Speech on September 24, 2009 my quest for freedom leaders of the Free World continues.

Well, America missed its chance to lead the Free World but instead essentially ignores the Iran Green Revolution and continues to shrink its responsibility to be a leader of freedom and liberty in a Mad, Mad World.

Obama kills funding for Iranian human-rights watch agency

Oh and that whole Dalai Lama thingy:
“President Barack Obama has refused to meet the Dalai Lama in Washington this week in a move to curry favour with the Chinese.

The decision came after China stepped up a campaign urging nations to shun the Tibetan spiritual leader.

It means Mr Obama will become the first president not to welcome the Nobel peace prize winner to the White House since the Dalai Lama began visiting Washington in 1991.

Another Leader of the Free World Emerges:

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) shares the details of his recent trip to Honduras with FOX News' Greta Van Susteren (Oct. 6, 2009).

Photos of Senator Jim DeMint's trip to Honduras

Honduras Freedom or Favorite Fixations:
DeMint went without Kerry’s blessing, and said afterwards that “we saw a government working hard to follow the rule of law, uphold its constitution, and to protect democracy for the people of Honduras.”

“We are very encouraged by what we saw and we hope to be able to work with our administration to support the upcoming elections,” DeMint said.

Heritage Foundation senior policy analyst Ray Walser said Tuesday that although the elections offer a solution to the three month-old crisis the Obama administration is “fixated” on Zelaya’s return to the presidency.

“Instead of allowing the Honduran people to speak through elections on November 29 and end the crisis, the administration makes Zelaya’s restoration to presidential office its primary objective and the litmus test for ‘a restoration of democracy,’” he wrote on the Heritage blog.

What I Heard in Honduras
10 Oct. 2009
Our ambassador is the only person I met there who thinks there was a 'coup.' Let's release the State Department legal analysis.

The man does not live who is more devoted to peace than I am. None who would do more to preserve it.
--February 21, 1861 Abraham Lincoln, address to the New Jersey General Assembly

Preserving Freedom's Ring - Senator Jim DeMint!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Battleground Virginia

Virginia's gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Creigh Deeds and Republican Bob McDonnell, take questions from ABC 7s Leon Harris, POLITICO's John F. Harris and Virginia voters.

WOW! The video speaks for itself.

Ken Cuccinelli Unveils Five Specific Proposals for Veterans

Senator Ken Cuccinelli Unveils Proposals to Better Prepare the AG's Office to Advocate on Behalf of Our Veterans

Announces five specific proposals to better equip Virginia to provide for our Veterans.

Senator Cuccinelli's five proposals include:

1. Designating and training two attorneys in the Attorneys General's office to better and more frequently help Virginia Department of Veterans Services (VDVS) agents win individual claim cases. These attorneys would also serve as additional training resources for VDVS agents and in-state Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) in Virginia.

2. Providing more regular and professional training for our VDVS agents and in-state VSO's.

3. Establishing a regular email newsletter with Attorney General's office contributions to inform Virginia veteran's of what benefits are available to them, how to access them, as well as keeping up (along with VSO and VDVS agents) with changes in federal law.

4. Ensuring that Virginia and its localities, unlike some other states, complies fully with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

5. Amend Virginia's election laws to guarantee the timely delivery of BOTH absentee ballot requests and the ballots themselves to military members overseas.
Joining Senator Cuccinelli on the call were three veterans.

Paul Galanti of Richmond had this to say about Senator Cuccinelli, "I am proud to support Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. His support for Veterans is more than just words. It has been backed with years of service with the Pro-Bono Veterans Consortium as an Attorney representing Veterans in the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims as they attempted to obtain benefits for injuries obtained during their service in the military. Ken's leadership, experience and commitment to veterans is a testament to his character and his support to those who wear our country's uniform."

Joe McCain of Alexandria, also on the call, stated in support of Senator Cuccinelli, "As a Vietnam veteran, I gladly support Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. He is an outstanding person who has served the people of Virginia effectively as an attorney, then as a state senator since 2002. He has made a public commitment to veterans ... I have heard him say so many times. From the first time I met Ken, I admired the ethical tone that permeates his thinking, and know that he will serve the public in Virginia as well as any Attorney General ever has."

Another call participant, Roger Sullivan of Richmond, stated that "Ken is committed to working to solve many of the issues facing veterans. There is a great need for what he plans to do to help veterans, and I really appreciate his efforts."

Proposal #5 is long overdue as with the previous 2008 National Election problems with overseas and military votes in Virginia. I am glad to see Ken Cuccinelli take the lead here considering the obvious present administration lack of respect for this issue as noted below:

...the state of Virginia --- whose governor also happens to be the chairman of the Democrat National Committee --- went to court to disenfranchise military voters in that state's upcoming elections.

Thanks Ken Cuccinelli for supporting Virginia veterans and military personnel who choose to serve this great country.

Ken Cuccinelli debates Shannon in Prince William, Va.

Event: Ken Cuccinelli debates Shannon in Prince William, Va.

Wednesday October 7, 2009
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Verizon Auditorium,
Mason’s Prince William Campus,
10900 University Blvd., Manassas, VA

The event is open to the public.
Doors open at 7am, Debate starts at 7:30pm.
The event is being organized by the Prince William Committee of 100.

I am very interested in attending this debate especially in light of the recent news concerning the present situation with our current administrations continued lack of concern for ensuring our military members overseas ballots are delivered in a timely manner.

...the state of Virginia --- whose governor also happens to be the chairman of the Democrat National Committee --- went to court to disenfranchise military voters in that state's upcoming elections.

See Ken Cuccinelli press release:
Senator Ken Cuccinelli Unveils Proposals to Better Prepare the AG's Office to Advocate on Behalf of Our Veterans

5. Amend Virginia's election laws to guarantee the timely delivery of BOTH absentee ballot requests and the ballots themselves to military members overseas.