Saturday, December 5, 2009

The "Real" Sarah Palin returns to "Real" Virginia!

Yes, Virginia there is a "Real" Sarah Palin and she returned to Fairfax, Va. with her story and book called "Going Rogue" for a book signing event at a local BJ's store. Yes, Todd was there, mom and dad, and Trig were all there. Meanwhile, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is down in Williamsburg, Va. planning for the next round of elections while the MSM is focused on Sarah who is not running for office. The liberals continue to attack their fears and not reality. Meanwhile, the RPV advances. Sarah is such a great decoy!

It's gratifying (if not a conspiracy) that Sarah returns to Virginia on the same weekend that the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is holding their Advance events in Williamsburg, Va. If your not familiar with the RPV Advance it is based on the concept that RPV does not retreat after elections but ADVANCES! After a stunning sweep of the 2009 Virginia races, Republicans seem hungrier for more. As seen in a recent RPV firehouse primary for Attorney General elect Ken Cuccinelli's soon to be vacant senate seat, Republicans are just engaged, fired-up and ready to turn out and vote for good candidates.

As much as the liberals and MSM would wish, Sarah is not retreating. Welcome back Sarah, now is a great time to be advancing the conservative cause in preparation of the 2010 elections. While Sarah runs decoy, republicans will be advancing and winning elections in 2010.

As reported by WSUA-9: Hundreds Defy Snow For Sarah Palin's "Rogue"

As reported by WJLA-7: Hundreds Brave Snow to Meet Sarah Palin

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My pictures from Sarah Palin Fairfax, Va. book signing event: Sarah Palin Fairfax,Va. book signing

Are you ready to work your butt off too reload Congress in 2010? "You Betcha"!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

A December of Dithering or a December of Hell?

A December of Dithering or a December of Hell?

On the eve of the Presidents Afghanistan speech I can't help but wonder the mindset of the men and women who are awaiting backup troops from their Commander-In-Chief. I plan on to listening to his speech (no video) as that is how most our men and women will hear of this speech, if they ever do. I will be thinking of those brave men and women so far from home.
I wonder if they are doubting our resolve? - I sense they are!
I wonder if they doubting their own resolve? - I sense they are!
I wonder which December are they preparing for?

One in which Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin described - they will NOT go gently, they will unleash HELL in December?

Or, one in which I just wish I didn't feel like? One like we have let these young men and women down to get to this point by dithering in the politics of war.

These young men and women deserve so much more than one mans speech or act can ever bestow on them. They need US, sending our support, thoughts and prayers for these brave troops, God Bless them as either way its going to be hell.