Monday, December 7, 2009

Tito Munoz - Canadian Free Health Care

Tito Munoz travels to Montreal to ask Canadians how they feel about their health care system and what they think of the U.S. health care system. Some of their comments may surprise you. All the videos have some great insight. I especially liked Part 4 with Christian, "Real" life experiences with a multitude of health care systems.

Canadian Free Health Care (Part 1)
Actually Canada population is about 34 million as of July 2009 (CIA Factbook). The US population is about 307 million as of July 2009 (CIA Factbook).

Canadian Free Health Care (Part 2)
He asks Francisco, a resident of Montreal, QC how he feels about the health care he has for his wife and four children. Francisco is able to make interesting comparisons between the U.S and Canada because he has lived in the U.S. also.
Note: "without discrimination"

Canadian Free health Care Part 3
When you don't know any better, "the system is great." Mr. Fidel has not experienced the American health care system. Would Americans find a lack of doctors,medical staff and long wait times acceptable? Would Americans wait three months for their infants to see a doctor?

Canadian Free Health Care Part 4
Is it really FREE health care? What do you think Christian, a young, low-income father will say to receiving "free" health care? His answer may surprise you.

A great series of interviews as "Tito the Builder" discusses the different health care systems. Our Congress is on a path and they have NO clue what they are doing to the future of the US health care system.

Thanks, Tito!