Sunday, May 2, 2010

Avoid the Prayer Police this Thursday.

Thursday May 6, 2010 is National Day of Prayer! Yeah, you probably won't hear much about this in the Main Stream Media.

Since the Audi Super Bowl ad Green Police commercial I wonder how much longer till we have a Prayer Police?

Survival Guide tips for the National Day of Prayer:
1. Pray out of sight.
2. Don't let them see your lips move.
3. Avoid prayer in or near government buildings or functions.
4. If all else fails, PRAY FOR FORGIVENESS!

The Muse - Resistance

If your still dedicated as I am in taking part in the National Day of Prayer you might follow these links.
1. Website: (You can avoid the Prayer Police by clearing your web browser history and cache after each visit).
2.Twitter: (You can avoid the Prayer Police by ensuring your account is protected so tweets don't appear in the public time frame).
3. Facebook: (I have no clue how avoid the Prayer Police on Facebook. Facebook has a habit of changing privacy policies, your probably already under suspicion so why worry?).

- anonymous prayer

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