Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tossup Tuesday, 1st Edition, Ohio 15th District

I am starting a Tossup Tuesday post to learn about some of the 2010 races coming up. So bear with me here as I find a format I can work with.

CQ Politics has a list of Congressional seats they rate as tossups for the 2010 election. Since the Ohio primary is over I will start with Ohio 15th District.

Ohio 15th District

Yes, Columbus Ohio Tea Party!
2010 Columbus Ohio Tax Day Tea Party Crowd

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy - First Term Incubement,
(D-Ohio) 15th District,Western Columbus and suburbs

1. This congresswoman votes straight party line with anything Nancy Pelosi puts in front of her. She is rated 100% on the Nancy Pelosi Index. Wait is this San Francisco or Columbus? Martha Coakley?

2. The Mary Jo Kilroy (D, OH-15) Timeline of Lies.

3. Of course Kilroy had to pass ObamaCare to find out what Nancy Pelosi put in it.

If your an Ohioan you might be interested in this Ohio handout when talking to friends and family about this race.

Enough said, lets move on to the GOP candidate:

Here is Steve Stivers Primary Day video:

Steve Stivers (born March 24, 1965) is an American politician of the Republican Party who served the 16th district in the Ohio Senate. He is Lieutenant Colonel in the Ohio National Guard and served active duty in Iraq as Battalion Commander until December 2005. He is a candidate for Ohio's 15th Congressional District in 2010 against incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy.

1. Steve Stivers lost to Kilroy by ~2,500 votes in 2008.
2. Steve Stivers supported by Vets for Freedom OPERATION 10-in-10.
3. The Ohio Project: It's a statewide constitutional amendment opposing government-run health care. If the project gets enough signatures, it would be added to the November ballot.
4. Ohio's unemployment rate now stands at a very high 10.7 percent,a full percentage higher than that of the U.S. itself.

Get connected with Steve Stivers:

Parting thought: Steve Stivers Issue page is very weak on the issues and I don't get a feeling that he is touting himself as conservative or a candidate the Tea Party would be excited about. Reports are that Steve has attended meetings with Tea Party and 912 groups but little information is available.

Good Luck Steve!

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