Thursday, January 28, 2010

Media Malpractice at March for Life

Well, Tea Party patriots know the story of how the Main Stream Media ignores you and how they distort your cause. Welcome to the club and remember the March For Life has been ignored and misrepresented for 37 years now.
At the 2010 March for Life the media set new standards for journalistic fraud. In its lead photo, CNN showed five pro-abortion picketers, all that could be found, and ignored the 300,000 pro-life marchers. CNN's Rick Sanchez wondered out loud which group dominated. Newsweek claimed that most participants were in their 60's when, in fact, most were under 25. This video sets the record straight.

Stay Vigilant!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ReasonTV - Virginia is for (Liquor) Lovers

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell makes the case to privatize booze sales.

Despite a reputation as a social conservative, McDonnell thinks that state-run liquor stores are a bad idea from both pragmatic and philosophical perspectives. Given budget crises, says McDonnell, "we can't just do things the same old way.... Certainly there's nothing I gleaned from the [Virginia] constitution that would have me think it's better or required to have the government controlling distilled spirits."

How long before we start calling Bob McDonnell "The Constitution First Governor"?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well Bowl Me Over Kelly!

Kelly Kulick Becomes the First Woman To Ever Win a PBA Major!

As the sign in the stand said GIRL POWER:
When Kulick defeated Chris Barnes 265-195 to claim the TofC, she accomplished more than a $40,000 payday and a spot on the PBA Tour for the next two seasons. She achieved something much bigger: Kulick became the first woman to win a title in a sport dominated by men.

See her interview HERE:

and some more history aspects of Kelly's great achivement:
Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie tried in golf and failed. Billy Jean King won an exhibition match, but it is hardly as large in stature as Kulick's feat.

Grab Your Balls, We Are Going Bowling!