Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roy Innis Gives His Advice On The Tea Party Movement

If your following CPAC 2010 this year, there is a lot of discussion surrounding the Tea Party movement. Some organizations and individuals are jocking for Tea Party movement support. The reason I posted this video because Mr. Innis makes some interesting points about how the various CPAC organizations and sponsors should approach the Tea Party movement and its members.

The Tea Party movement was born in the free will and independence of the individual members. That is why it appears to others as impossible to define or defeat for that matter. The Tea Party movement free will and independence must be preserved.

Organizations like CPAC should follow Mr. Innis's arms distant advice, don't try to dominate them, educate and support them to the maximum extent possible. Helping with news releases, organization, legal advice, etc. Like Mr. Innis says, Guide and Protect.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Something Fishy About My Coffee This Morning

I really enjoy my morning coffee but this morning my coffee had a fishy taste to it. So I better retrace my steps to make sure I don't make the same mistake again.

First was this video post about how coffee is now a movement?

A "Concerned Citizen" on Facebook huh?
Producer/Co-Director 9500 Liberty , interesting, a little close to home here.

Maybe someone likes to give to candidates with "Progressive Values. Common Goals."

Oh, we can't let Mr. Moore be without a link here. Maybe a "going left, but faking right" move is called for.

Oh wait there is another coffee video here.

I am getting this plastic, filmy taste in my mouth. Can't quite discern it source just yet.


I have a strong craving for Tea now!