Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend of Distress!

SWAC Girl posted: American flag in distress ... as seen in Staunton

You know what to do:
Call, Email, Write, Fax, tell Grandma but do SOMETHING this weekend to Stop ObamaCare by contacting your House of Representative.

Weekend of Distress!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You know, when you awake a sleeping giant...

Pretty amazing, the "Me-Me-Mine-Mine" society wants to try to have all these issues discussions. Well the giant has had enough of "You-You-Ours-Ours" discussions for the last forty some odd years. You see, what you’re missing about that sleeping giant is that its let you beat your drums and pound your chests and what do you have to show for it? Shovel ready Excuses? Now it is time for someone else to control the narrative, discussion and the debate.

Not that those Tea Party activists don't care about you and yours issues but that they care more, a whole lot more for their children and their grandchildren’s future at the moment. So for now it's your turn to sit down, shut up and listen.

The Tea Party is not a political party. It’s not going to pander to you, yours and everyone else’s issues. Some Tea Party activists would say that is what got "You-You-Ours-Ours" into this mess by pandering to everyone’s special issues but accepting no responsibility either at the government or personal level. Your blame is shovel ready? Leave the blame and excuses at the door.

The Tea Party activist knows and many have lived the pitfalls and accomplishments of individualism. They see it all around them and know its almighty power. They see it in their military, their nationalized citizens and their successful businesses. They even see it in their children and grandchildren eyes.

They don't want their children to grow up in a society that dilutes the individual for the good of society. They want a society that builds, empowers and enables them through their own individual liberty of trials and tribulations. Not liberties granted to them by some remote panel, group or government agency. Anyone remember a recent discussion of the Constitution? Maybe we need to have that discussion again?

For a Tea Party activist, they stand at the great dam, a dam that is in decay of their own neglect. They see and feel the consequences of their neglect. I will not describe their shame here. If the dam collapses they will be washed away and forgotten. Standing on the waters banks their children and grandchildren will be left to ask why and how this happened? The Tea Party activists are not at the dam to point fingers or lay blame. They are there to start repairing the cracks and filling the holes of decades of neglect. The dam may well burst but they will have had the satisfaction and pride to say they stood there and did their part regardless the outcome.

So remember when you awake a sleeping giant and you start kicking them in the shins...

...You might be better off asking about their children or grandchildren otherwise you might be ignored or worst yet be told to sit down, shut up and listen.

I know they may seem shocking but these are some general Tea Party principles you might run into:
1. Limited Government
2. Free Markets
3. Fiscal Responsibility
4. Strong National Defense

Makes one ponder how many of those "Me-Me-Mine-Mine" and "You-You-Ours-Ours" societial issues might go away once your build a foundation on the above principles…hmmm.