Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little 'Girl Grass" For You'all

No not that kind of 'grass' you Ron Paul supporters!

I stumbled upon Kappa Danielson and her music talented family while surfing for The Carter Family songs. Roll On Buddy! Enjoy the pretty ladies and nice "Girl Grass' music!

- Nine Pound Hammer -

Anyone notice the phone ringing? I didn't either. I was wondering who the lady hidden behind the microphone was in the above video. Turns out that would be Kristi Starr (Twin Sisters?). Hey, doesn't Kappa remind you of Ann Coulter in the below video?

- Trying to Find Atlantis -

The girls jot down some quick notes and lyrics and get serious in the next song. We find out they 'Laugh at the sailors when they come to town'? That is cold! Just cold!

- When the Whiskey Froze -

I Subscribed to Kappa Danielson YouTube Channel.
Kappa Danielson is also on Facebook: Kappa Danielson
Along with her website: Kappa Danielson

I know I really would like to hear and see more from Kristi Starr also but in the meantime I will hitch my i-wagon to Kappa! ;-)

Did I just get suckered into Rule 5 from 'How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year'?