Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running On Wide Open, StormRelief2011

The recent tornadoes in the Southeast United States was devastating with estimates of 340 Dead and $2-5 billion in damages.

Most Americans did their cursory review of the news stories concerning the reported damage but did little beyond making a donation to one of the widely known charities to help. America pretty much went back to the business of running on idle after the Southeast tornadoes, didn't they?

How much do you hear about Haiti or Japan earthquakes anymore? Admit it, you don't. How is that Katrina recovery working? Americans had rock concerts for Haiti but they won't even help their own neighbor? I don't try to understand.

OK, so where is the government going to get the money for victim relief and rebuilding? Borrowing more money from China? I don't try to understand.

On Apr 29, 2011 a couple of Americans understood this phenomenon all too well and decided to make a difference. They created Storm Relief 2011 "Americans Helping other Americans In Need".

Using their YouTube community they started planning, soliciting help and 'running on wide open'. They understand that Americans can't keep relying on others to fix our problems.

After 'running on wide open' for one week, Storm Relief 2011 raised some $5,000 dollars from donations. The below video shows some of the items bought and are headed to Bridgeport, Alabama from Roanoke, Virginia this weekend.

Next time America, help Americans first as if your 'running on wide open'!

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