Friday, October 28, 2011

A different place, A new beginning!

This weekend I realized I was in a different place. As I was leaving to go to work my grand daughter 'YoYo' ran out to my car as I was leaving the driveway and asked me to bring back some chocolate coins we have for visitors at work. I told her I would but she insisted I give her a 'Pinky-Promise' on it. At which we locked pinkys and shook. I was so moved, I cried as my car pulled away from her in the rear view mirror.

 I can't say 'I am sorry' enough times to her and the rest of the family. :(
I am so blessed.

 You see, I may have won the cancer lottery this month but have always felt like a winner with my family and friends.
Today, October 28th I start my chemo therapy to get back on the road to recovery for myself and hopefully a stronger family.